One of the most common questions I'm getting asked is „How can I jump higher?“. The reason why most people started kitesurfing is to fly high and to fly far. Big Air is for sure the most exciting part of our sport. You can learn how to jump in just a few days but it takes years of practice to really understand all the small details about a perfect basic jump. 

In Big Air it‘s all about piloting the kite the exact right way. Before you take off you can choose how far or how high you want to fly. In the following it's about the kite control only even though the board control plays a important roll as well. 


If you want to jump over a small sandbar for example, you don‘t need much height but you‘ll need to travel big distances in the air. 



If you‘ve got your woo-sensor on your board and you are ready to break your height record you‘ll need a kickerwave and a slightly different piloting of the kite straight after the takeoff. 



For sure you can combine those two jumping techniques as well. Just in case you want to jump high and far at the same time. This jumping technique will be easier to land softly with a landing-loop. 


Jumping Over A Fishing Port

!!! Do NOT try this at home, the following stunt is performed by a professional rider after a detailed preparation !!!