FREISTIEL PRO CAMP / 12. 09.2019 → 16.09.2019

⇰ Location

Over the past years, Lake Como has become my second home.

The wind blows extremly constant from late April to late November. You have to be quite unlucky not to be able to go on the water there at least once a day. 

Apart from the tropical temperatures, wind and the sun are directly related. The thermal wind is constantly blowing at around 15-20kts, which are the perfect conditions for us kitesurfers to try out and learn new things.

⇰ Procedure

Together, we will be staying at a campsite right at Lake Como. From there, our day will start early and all together we will arrive late at the campsite. For each day there are two sessions planned, in which I will film and coach you intensively.

We will decide on the best spots for the day, collectively. Thus, you will learn all about Lake Como, what there is to know.

Each participant will pay for the costs and logy him- or herself.

Since meals hold a high social value for me, I would like us to cook or go out eating together, depending on our mood and motivation.

Start is at 12.09.2019 around 9 PM

Adoption is at 16.09.2019 around 10 AM

(more information are following after the registration)

⇰ Requirements

  As a basis for a good cooperation with all our 5 participants you have to be able to kite SAFELY and go upwind.

  You absolutely need a car, because we have to be mobile every day and will be heading for different spots.

⇰ Costs

There is no fixed price for my FREISTIEL PRO CAMP. On the last day, each participant will have the opportunity to throw the amount of money into our FREISTIEL-piggy bank that appears to be appropriate for him- or herself. I want our event and the joy of kitesurfing to be standing in the foreground. Moreover, I think that money has a very relative value for each person, depending on age, work and life situation. I want our event to be accessible for EVERYONE, no matter rich or poor.

(One cost idea could be 300,- / 3 event days)

⇰ Registration

If you feel motivated and want to be there in September, send me the following information via e-mail in addition to a two-liner.






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