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And still, the undisputed megaloop champ!

You're addicted to life in the fast lane but in a good way. And when you go, you go big! I feel the same, riding the newest GTS. The 5th gen Universal+ Series allrounder delivers the superpowers unhooked riders demand without messin' up the original formula. I know how badass the GTS4 was. Its signature Future-C powered kiteloops, and unhooked confidence is something CORE is proud of. Now, experience a decade of iterative magic with the new and improved GTS5. The GTS5 carries over its proven ExoTex 3 Strut Frame, Radical Reaction Tips, and Short Bridles. CORE optimized the tip LE diameters and geometry to improve flight stability especially when looping. The new CIT Modes customize the GTS5's handling characteristics. In Wave mode, riders dial in compact turns and more depower. Whereas Freestyle mode adds more grunt and bigger turns. The GTS comes out of the bag in Allround mode which provides excellent depower, grunt, and hangtime.

GTS. Fifth gen and still the undisputed megaloop champ. Test one with the wakestyle Bolt or strapless 720 surfboards. Either way, you’ll feel the signature iterative magic at work delivering stability and control in spades. 


- 3 Strut Light Frame: Super light yet amazingly rigid and durable. 

- Future-C Shape: True C-Kite feel. For snappy turns with a controlled and consistent pull.

- Radical Reaction Tips: C-style shaped wingtips for faster bar response.

- CIT Mode: Fully adjustable kite handling characteristics.

- EXOTEX® Ultra Rigid Dacron: High pressure, zero stretch airframe. 

- CORETEX® Tripple Ripstop Canopy: Extreme durability and UV protection.

- Ultrashort Bridle System: Improved kite feedback.

- Instant Relaunch: Reliable waterstarts under challenging conditions.

- Speed Valve2: Quick, reduced effort inflation.

- Sensor Bar Ready: Pair with a Sensor2 or 2S bar for maximum kite feedback and control.

- 6 Years Parts Guarantee: Six-year parts availability guarantee.